Monday, June 13, 2011

Young Ones

The journal entry I did the other day about childhood memories made me think I need to share a couple of pictures of me when I was younger.  I have a ton in a box that I will need to dig out and scan whenever we move.  Right now, I have a couple on the computer that were handy that I thought I'd share.

Let me just say that I was a weird kid.  I barely ever took a "good" picture in my mother's eyes.  Family Christmas pictures, that should have only taken about 5 minutes, would go on for about an hour, since it was a competition between me and my sisters to see who could mess up the picture the most.  It actually hasn't really changed much.  Haha.

We'll start off pretty mild.  That's me in the bright teal sweat suit.  What was wrong with the 90s?  I know it was cold, but I seriously could have done a little bit better fashion wise than matching sweats.  Thank God that is not in style anymore.  Not to mention the awesome bowl cut I had.  I do, however, still rock the Sambas.

teal sweat suit
My sister, Anna, cousin Jonathon, me, and my sister Katie posing in front of Grandma's house.

Next, is a picture of me, my sisters and my cousin doing a Conga line?  Maybe?  Not really sure.  I look like I'm trying to drag my older sister, Katie, down.  But I also have an incredibly creepy face.  What was wrong with me?!  Note:  I am wearing ANOTHER pair of matching sweats.

Katie, me, Jonathon, and Anna.

I'll have to say this next one is one of my favorites.  Not because of my older sister in the Curley mask, or me in the shower get-up, but because my MALE, that's right, male cousin, Jonathon is sporting a skin-tight pink leotard and what looks like a Tina Turner wig.  Haha.

tina turner halloween
Jonathon, Katie, and me.

And, last, but not least, another costume picture.  Since I shared my love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with that action figure in the journal post, I figured it was only fitting that I share a Halloween costume going with the same theme.  I am awesome.

teenage mutant ninja turtle costume
Anna, me, and Katie.
Who's got pictures?!  I know everyone has some laying around somewhere!  Let's see 'em!  And if you post any, link them in the comments so I can look and laugh, too!