Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspiration Workshop - Week 5 - Bathroom

This week's inspiration is all about bathrooms.  I was so jealous of the owners of these spaces when I was going through looking for my perfect place.  Some people had bathrooms the entire size of my house.  It was ridiculous!  I wouldn't need a place that big, but I definitely would not be sad if I had one.  

When I was going through the images the ones that always caught my eye were yellow.  I can't believe I used to hate this color!  I love it because it is so bright and seems like it would make me happy every time I stepped into the room.  Plus, getting up and going into a bright yellow bathroom would wake me up every morning, which is something that I could really use. 

yellow bathroom

This bathroom isn't my perfect one, but I love the wallpaper, paint job, or whatever they did to make the stripes.  I would need to add another sink for my husband and a vanity for me with really good lighting so I could SIT and do my hair and makeup.  Its crazy.  Since I've been pregnant, I get light headed by the end of my morning routine.  Sometimes I even have to go sit down in the middle of it to let the blood settle.  Haha.  

I am really enjoying this "workshop."  Can't wait to find out what next week's will be!  If you haven't done it, you should!  Just click the link in the sidebar to jump in!