Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Feature Experiment: Daydreams

daydreams the tattooed housewife
The past month I know I have been experimenting with the look of the blog and what I write about a lot.  Thanks so much for bearing with me!  You'll learn I'm very impulsive.  I still can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad.  The whole point of this post is I'm going to start a feature called "Daydreams."

Daydreams:  My Wedding

I know I am already married, but my husband and I never had a real wedding.  We got married the second day we knew each other (I know, we're crazy!), so we didn't really have time to plan anything.  We're still married after almost 4 years, so we keep saying we want to have some kind of ceremony.  This is what I hope it would be like.
wedding dressgroomwedding shoesdaisy bouquetcorsagewedding locationwedding pictureswedding picturesjuke boxwedding cakesmores barreception area

I love everything on here!  Especially, the jukebox and smore's bar.  I hope one day we really do it.  That would be so much fun!