Thursday, June 23, 2011



This week I have been thinking a lot about having my own craft room.  My husband and I are looking at buying a house next year, and I keep dreaming of having my own woman cave with everything that I love in it.  I know inspiration would flow so easily if I had my own space to lock myself into and just create.  I cannot wait!  Here's a couple of photos that totally inspire me to have my perfect space.
huge craft roomsmall craft space
How awesome would it be to have a room as big as the one on the left to dedicate to being creative???  Even if I had a space like the yellow one on the right it would be awesome.  I would be happy with either!  Well, maybe a little bit happier with the larger one...
pink world map
I really love maps and this pink one is adorable.  Maybe I could use it as a board for all my sale from all over the world if I ever own my own shop :)
I think I need to start stockpiling supplies.  It would be nice to start out with this much stuff.  Although, it probably takes away from the rush of finding everything.
words on the wallsinspiration quote
It would be nice to have a bunch of inspirational quotes painted on my walls.  And to look at this quote everyday.  I need to remind myself I am awesome.  I think everyone loses sight of that every now and then.
photography cheat sheet
I am not a great photographer.  I have a decent camera, but I do not know all the settings on it.  I could probably take better pictures if I had something like this on the wall to remind me of things 24/7.
dress form lightscrap fabric art
This lamp is so freakin amazing!  Its so adorable!  This is a woman's equivalent to the leg lamp from "A Christmas Story."  I need it.  The other picture is a piece of artwork made from scrap fabric.  Its such a good idea instead of just throwing it out.  And its pretty!
polka dot chairshomemade clock
These chairs!  This clock!  I already have way too much polka dot stuff, but how can I not.  It makes anything look "bubbly."  The clock would make a really fun project.  And it would make a nice personal addition to the room.
drafting table
I have always wanted a drafting table.  This one has that rustic cabin feel that I love.  Plus its massive!
pink desk
Good lord.  This is perfect.  This would make sewing, blogging, working, anything be so fun.  How could you not get inspired with this hot pink desk!  I WILL re-purpose a desk one day and do this.

What does your crafting space look like?  Where does your inspiration come from?