Saturday, June 4, 2011

30-Day Photo Challenge: Day 4 - Something Green

I feel like such an alchy lately, even though I haven't been drinking anything.  All I'm thinking about is drinking!  It might be because I am posting this while my husband is outside with his three friends playing beer pong and getting drunk.  Sigh.  Three more months.

The 30-Day Photo Challenge photo for today is something green.  I took a picture of a bottle of Jameson.  Not only is it a delicious whiskey, but the bottle is also really pretty.  Very refined looking. Makes me think of an old man sitting in a dark wood paneled (REAL wood) room with a huge wooden desk and green glass desk lamp.  I want a library like that one day.

Up for tomorrow:  A picture taken from a high angle.  Starting to get into the more artsy shots!