Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday: Tim Senecal

tattoo tuesday the tattooed housewife

This week's tattoo artist is Tim Senecal of Off the Map in Easthampton, MA.  He tattoos anything from cartoony-type characters to realistic looking animals.  I would describe his style as taking a more modern approach to the old school traditional style.  You can definitely see the influence it has had on his work, but he makes it his own.

baking tattoo by tim senecal
This is so adorable!

roadrunner tattoo by tim senecal
Its crazy the wide range of tattoos he can do.  This roadrunner looks real!

sugar skull tattoo by tim senecal
I love this bright colors in this sugar skull.

pinup tattoo by tim senecal
Gil Elvgren pin-up.

jellyfish tattoo by tim senecal
Ever since I started the squid embroidery, I have been loving under the sea tattoos!

All of these pictures can be found on his website TimSenecal.com.