Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm Joining the Inspiration Workshop!

I found another group project out in the blog world from Gussy Sews called the Inspiration Workshop.  Every week, there will be a broad prompt that I will have to find inspiration from.  I can take the picture or find it online.  It seems like it will be pretty fun.  Plus, I will now have a mission for my internet browsing instead of looking around aimlessly for hours.  Haha!

This week's prompt:  Kitchen. 
Since I've been married and had a kid, I have spent so much more time in the kitchen.  It used to be that all I needed was a microwave, fridge, and a small space to let my food cool.  That's it.  Now, I have to think about my husband being in there the same time as me, a big table where we can all sit, plenty of storage for food and ingredients, and nice lighting to make the space look homey.  There are so many other elements to an amazing kitchen, but you get the idea.  My dream would be to have a vintage inspired cooking and eating area with all vintage appliances, but that would probably be a little difficult.  I can still dream, though!  My perfect kitchen?  See below.

This space is so LARGE!!!  Its also really roomy and the high ceilings are amazing.  It is a little plain, but I could easily add plenty of knick knacks and personal touches to make it a dream.  If only I were a millionaire...  or a hundred thousandaire.