Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Washington DC Trip: Day 2

Even though I hate where I am living right now, I am so glad to be back home!  I am in need for a much needed rest for the next couple of days.  That trip definitely took a lot out of me.  I can finally catch up on my blog posts and do a little crafting while I'm at home doing a whole lot of nothing.
We started Saturday waking up and eating breakfast Dan's cousin, Riley, made.  I had an open face egg, bacon, and tomato sandwich with freshly juiced carrot juice.  I really want juicer.  I know I don't get enough veggies a day, and neither does my daughter.  That'd be a good way to hide some since she loves juice so much.
washington dc farmers market
Dan and Riley
mt pleasant washington dc
Mt. Pleasant - Riley's neighborhood
antique store
Store I really wanted to go in, and of course, never did.
mason building washington dc
Freemason Building
mason building washington dc
It had such awesome artwork!
barrel of liquor washington dc
Cool liquor store.
roof pool washington dc
Really wish I could have been on this rooftop.  There was a pool!
Our first tourist activity for the day was going to Arlington Cemetery.  I think everyone else in DC had that same idea.  There were so many people there for Memorial Day.  Especially bikers.  We saw JFK and Robert Kennedy's graves.  We also made it in time to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Those guys have amazing drill and ceremony skills.  The rest of the time was spent with me about ten feet behind Dan and Riley waddling up all the massive hills trying to keep up.  We did pass Robert E. Lee's house which had an amazing view of DC.  You could see the Capital, the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, and the Pentagon.
rolling thunder motorcycles arlington cemetary washington dc
All the bikers in front of the entrance to Arlington Cemetery.
arlington cemetery washington dc
Arlington Cemetery
tomb of the unknown soldier washington dc arlington cemetery
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
view from arlington house washington dc
View from Robert E. Lee's Mansion
view from arlington house washington dc
Me, Dan, and my huge forehead
For lunch we drove to a small hole-in-the-wall burger joint called Ray's Hell Burger.  It smelled amazing even before we got there.  The burgers were massive!  I just got a regular with cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles, onions and thousand island dressing.  I say regular because most of the burgers had crazy ingredients.  I guess I'm not that adventurous when it comes to them.  Probably because I have not eaten red meat in awhile and did not want to screw the rest of my day up by my stomach feeling like crap.  I ended up eating only half since it was so huge.
ray's hell burger washington dc
Dan eating his huge burger.
After eating, we headed to Manassas battlefield, the setting of the first battle of the Civil War.  I want to live there.  The scenery was beautiful, and it was so quiet.  We saw a reenactment of Union soldiers shooting some Civil War era muskets.  Later, after we were done at the battlefield, we stopped by a grocery store to get food and beer, and one of the reenactors was shopping around the beer cooler, also, still in uniform.  It was pretty funny.  I would have gotten a picture, but I left my camera in the car.  Lesson learned.
manassas battlefield
Manassas Battlefield
manassas battlefield
Manassas Battlefield
The last thing on the agenda for the day was seeing "A Prairie Home Companion" at the Wolf Trap, which is an outdoor venue in a national park.  To say the least, it was awesome.  I love anything on NPR, but hearing it in person is so much better!  We had lawn seating so we set up a picnic.  Riley's girlfriend made sandwiches, salad, pasta salad, and strawberry rhubarb pie.  It was all so good, and might have also contributed to why the show was so amazing.
a prairie home companion wolf trap washington dc
Audience at Wolf Trap.
a prairie home companion wolf trap washington dc
Wolf Trap stage
a prairie home companion wolf trap washington dc
We almost got rained out in the middle of the show!  Luckily it just passed right around us.
There was a little girl there about Maggie's age that was dancing around the whole show.  It made me miss my little girl so bad!  Its crazy how badly I miss her sometimes.  I almost started crying at the show.  Haha, damn emotions!  There was also a man in front of us that kept taking pictures of his wife from behind who was laying on her side on their blanket.  It sounds pretty innocent, well kind of, but if you saw it, you would have thought it was creepy, too.  He was acting like he was on the set of a porno shoot or something.  I'm pretty sure it was the actor from "Weekend at Bernie's" who was trying to kill Bernie.  If it wasn't, the guy looked exactly like him.
After the show, I was beat so they took me back to the house.  I needed to do some studying for school, and I was completely beat from the day.  They went out and drank.  Sigh.  Three more months!  Its so hard! 

I ended up getting a really bad sunburn on my chest that day.  I had even slathered on a ton of sunscreen.  I need a huge floppy hat.  If my husband had bought me one, like I hinted, that situation would have been totally avoided.  Haha, I think I need to drop more hints.

Day three is all about the National Mall and Washington Memorial.  Riley's friend hooked us up with tickets to go to the top of the memorial, so we don't have to wait in line.  That would have sucked!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Project: Craft Hope Orphan Outreach

I haven't really written a project post this week because I have been too busy.  I would like to quickly share a project that you could do for a good cause.  I am going to be doing it as well.
Craft Hope is a website where you craft for charities or projects to help out and spread a little joy to the misfortunate.  The one I am participating in is really easy and actually kind of fun.  They are looking for people to make friendship bracelets for orphans in Russia.  The project ends June 15th.  That is the date that all the bracelets need to be send in to a woman who will be sending them with Orphan Outreach to Russia. 

They are asking for bracelets made out of any material and a variety of colors.  I'm doing the old school friendship bracelets everyone used to make in the early 90s.  I'm feeling a little nostalgic lately.  Plus, I have a ton of floss hanging around that I can use!
So, if you are interested at all, go to this link!

If you just want to go ahead and send bracelets, make sure they will get to this address by June 15th!

Carin Vogelzang
630 Griswold SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Washington DC Trip: Day 1

I never did find anywhere to buy deodorant.  We were rushing everywhere!  Luckily, the subways and people we were around Friday smelled more like BO than me.  Although, I still was paranoid everywhere I went, because I thought it was me.  My husband reassured me it was not. 
union station
We got off the Amtrak at Union Station, but didn't get a chance to look around at all.  I hope we get some time to do it when we leave.  I need to take some pictures!  Getting on the subway with a huge suitcase was so difficult.  People take their sweet time getting off of it, so Dan was struggling to pull the thing on.  There were no warnings that I could hear, and the door slammed on the handle before we could get it through the door.  We were sitting there struggling trying to open the door and everyone was sitting there staring not attempting to help.  It was actually pretty funny looking back on it now. 
metro in washington dc
We finally go to Dan's cousin's house, they had a few beers, and then we went to get a quick bite before a play started that his cousin, Riley, had bought tickets for.  The play was called "Swampoodle."  It wasn't in a theatre or amphitheatre, but in an OLD building called the ULine where a lot of different things had gone on.  American Nazis had meetings there, hockey games were played, roller derby took place, and the Beatles played for America the first time.  During the performance, there were no chairs, so you had to walk around the building to see the different scenes.  That was really cool.  The only problem was, it was incredibly hot inside and I only had half a bottle of water.  So, I ended up having to go outside.  The writer came over to me outside, gave me a bottle of water and told me "we have a couple of seats reserved for people like you."  Haha, I was thinking, "people like me?  That's a way to put it, I guess."  I know she didn't mean it in a bad way, but it was just funny how she said it.  So, I got some fresh air and went back inside.  The play itself wasn't that great, because it didn't really have a plot, but it was worth it just to go to the building. 
uline washington dc
Outside of the Uline - Source

swampoodle play in washington dc at the uline
Swampoodle - Source

inside uline in washington dc
Inside the Uline.  Pictures do not capture this building at all.  It was amazing and definitely stole the show. Source
Next, we headed to a bar called The Pug that Riley frequented called The Pug.  On the way, I was actually called a "cracker."  I don't think I've ever been called that in my life, haha.  We get to the bar and its awesome!  They were playing a really good mix of punk, reggae, and soul ,and it killed me I couldn't get drunk and dance!  I miss it so much!  They had a few beers, while I had water, a hot dog and cheese puffs and then we headed back to Riley's house. 
the pug washington dc
The Pug - Source
As you can tell, I didn't take a lot of pictures.  I should have.  I'm thinking this blog will actually help me do that!

It was a really awesome day.  I was having a little trouble with the walking, though.  I think I need to get a support band or something.  My muscles are not as strong as my last pregnancy and every step I took felt like someone had a hook pulling down my stomach.  Not comfortable.  My legs are cramping, too.  I hope it goes well.  I hate ruining everyone else's time by worrying about me! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Washington DC Trip: Train Fun

Dan and I dropped Brutus off Thursday night and left Maggie with my mom at breakfast Friday morning. I already miss her little face! It didn't help when my mom called and Maggie told us "I love you, daddy. I love you, mommy." I hate and love leaving her at the same time.

Written Friday:
So far the trip is good. Although, I am only an hour into our train ride. If you've never rode a train, you should if you don't mind long hour rides. You have SO much more room, your seat goes all the way back, and you have a foot rest that pops up. We're riding from Durham, NC to DC and the ride is about 6 1/2 hours. It would be shorter in a car, but since its Memorial Day weekend and we're going there, traffic would be horrible!!!

I am starting to get a little nervous. I tried to make sure I packed everything, but its hard when you wait until the last minute. I am such a bad procrastinator. Actually, I guess that would make me a good one. To get back to my point, I forgot my deodorant. Sigh. Its horrible. We were in such a rush this morning that I forgot to borrow my husband's, too! So now, ever so often, I have to "scratch my head" and see if I smell. Really hope there's going to be somewhere I can buy some. I hate smelling bad!

reading books
Pretty much how he spends most of our trips together.

white farm house

funny pictures
Taking funny pictures.

old building
Cool Building 1

Dave's furniture
Cool Building 2.  Really wish I could have stopped here!

old building
Cool Building 3

making friendship bracelets
Dan assisting me with my friendship bracelets I'm making for Craft Hope.

lillypad pond
Pond full of lillypads.

macro setting for eye closeup
Being on a train for 6 1/2 hours can get boring.  If you're ever bored you should take closeup pictures with the macro setting on your camera.  Haha, its pretty entertaining.

dc grafitti
DC grafitti

dc grafitti
DC grafitti
Now to work on Day 1 and Day 2 Posts!  I'm so behind!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Love ______ Today

I am really in the mood to start something new.  Already!  This is how I am.  I can't help it!  I am stopping the Etsy Seller feature and starting a new one.  Its called "I love _____ Today."

For some reason, I have had "Thriller" in my head.  I think this little girl reminded me of it today at the park when she did a Zombie voice.  It was adorable and hilarious, but I am now a slave to the song.  I can't get it out of my head! 

Here's a couple of items I have picked out today that were inspired by the Michael Jackson music video, "Thriller".

I have never really been into leather jackets, but I found this one and it is awesome!  Its the perfect shade of red and cropped at the waist, but its not too short.  Also, a nice belt to tighten it up.
Red Leather jacket
Cropped Red Leather Jacket
I am not too into the whole zombie phenomenon that's going on, but this tattoo caught my eye.  I love how the artist used the blue and yellow for shading.
mike demasi zombie tattoo
Zombie Tattoo by Mike Demasi

The infamous Jheri Curl.  Michael Jackson's was pretty cool in the video, but this guy's takes the cake.  I know its a wig, but this picture is amazing.
Jerry Curl
Jheri Curl

I, for some reason, have always wished that one day I could be walking around in the mall or store, start singing, and then everyone around me knows the exact words to my song and then a huge choreographed production would go on right there.  I wish life were a musical sometimes.  It was be so much fun!
glee dance number
Dance Routine from Glee

I have always wanted to Karaoke.  I have never had the balls to do it.  I'm sure there will be one day where I drink way too much and wish I had never had the desire in the first place.  I just don't want to look stupid!  And I want no photo evidence!  I do not want a picture like this:
funny karaoke picture
Hilarious Karaoke Picture

My husband and I are heading to DC tomorrow to visit his cousin.  We get to drop the little one and bulldog off, so I don't have to worry about them all weekend!  I love breaks!  I hope its not too hot.  We're doing alot of walking since we have never really seen everything DC has to offer.  Saturday we're going to see "Prairie Home Companion" at an outdoor amphitheatre.  I am excited and bummed.  They are going to bring wine with them during the show and I will not be able to enjoy it.  I love drinking in the summer!  I miss it so much and I'm going to be pregnant ALL summer.  Sigh.  Have to wait till next year... 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last 5 Pins

I am a follower of the Pinterest.com blog and they did a really good article where they asked people what their last 5 pins were.  This was such a good idea, that I now have to do it.  I'm kind of curious to see what they were, too.  I pin so much, they all mesh together!

I love big floppy hats.  I don't know if its because I'm from the south, or what, but they're awesome.  Not only are they cute, but they will save your skin from the sun, which I need!  I love sitting out on my back porch and looking at my garden.  Sometimes I'll take out my embroidery and work on it there, too.  If I could find one that is perfect I would buy one!  San Diego Hat Company has some amazing ones, but they're $50.  I'm wondering if I should just do it.
floppy summer hat
Photo Credit
I love vintage housewares so much.  I especially love the little details that come in objects as small as this clock.  It adds so much character.  I cannot wait to own my own home so I can start collecting!

blue atomic clock
Photo Credit

I would love to get to the point where I would actually need a project like this to get rid of my scrap fabric.  One day I will!  Its such a great idea, though.  I really need to start crafting, so I can do it!
scrap fabric canvas art
Photo Credit

This wall is so awesome!  Its in Germany, and when it rains, the water collects in the metal funnels and goes through the pipes and makes music.  How crazy is that?!  I really wish I could hear it.  You would never find stuff like this in America.  You would probably have to have a permit first.  I need to go to Europe!
musical rain funnel in germany
Photo Credit

This is really funny.  But it is also sad.  There's so many people out there who do not read.  AT ALL.  As in ANYTHING.  No blogs, no magazines, newspapers, nothing.  A girl I met recently asked me, "Do you read?"  And I just started laughing, because you do have to ask that.  You can't just ask "What book are you reading?" anymore.  But this is also funny, because I love watching reality shows.  Not really Jersey Shore, but the Bachelorette.  It is the cheesiest show, but I have to watch it.  It is probably fixed, too, but I'm addicted.   They're my stories!
book suicide because of jersey shore
Photo Credit

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If I had a Million Dollars...

if i had a million dollars

I don't know if anyone else out there has ever visited Zara.com, but it is amazing!  They have a lot of plain pieces.  I know that sounds horrible, but I like to have items in my wardrobe that are plain.  Just a simple pair of pants, or a skirt, or even a t-shirt.  It amazes me how hard it is to find items like that.  I don't like all the frilly things that they put on clothes all the time (they do have some of those pieces, too!).  This website kind of reminds me of an upscale Old Navy, but a whole lot better.

The designs remind me of vintage inspired pieces, but that are still modern.  Make sense?  You should go check out the website if you have not been there before. 


1.  Sailor Bowling Bag - $79.90
2.  Plain Basket Shopper - $109.00
3.  Raffia Messenger Bag - $79.90
4.  Two-Tone Rigid Bowling Bag - $169.00
5.  Small Leather Messenger Bag - $29.90
6.  Plaited Shopper - $149.00
7.  Mummy and Me Handbag - $89.90
8.  Basic Bowling Bag - $79.90