Friday, June 3, 2011

Its Friday, Friday...

Its finally Friday.  I don't really know what that means for me, since i can't go out and party, and I don't work, but either way, WOO!

A couple of things have made me pretty happy this week.  First, I got a really cute new nail polish.  Haha, I know its not that great to some people, but I am happy!  With that I also got a gel base coat.  I don't know if anyone else has ever had problems with painting your nails, then a day later they look like you took a sander to them, but I do.  The gel binds better to your nails so your polish lasts longer.  It also is a little more flexible, so if you accidentally bend your nail, they won't crack.  Its a little more green in real life, but it still looks pretty!

teal nail polish

A week or 2 ago we found a snake in out backyard.  Today I went outside because some animal knocked over my daisy and sunflower pots.  I found a completely intact snake skin!  The nerd in me got pretty excited.  I still have it on my kitchen table (I know, ew), but I don't know what to do with it.  Any ideas? 
rat snake skin

rat snake skin

A couple of days ago, I started washing my hair with apple cider vinegar.  I can't believe how awesome my hair feels.  My flyaways are gone, and its so much shinier!  I have also started looking at other ways to be a little more natural around the house.  I'm going to make my first batch of laundry detergent tonight and wash a load of clothes.  I really hope it goes okay.  It is SSSOOO much cheaper.  I got the "recipe" from  Look at the recipe cards, there are so many good recipes.  Especially all the ones for the face masks!

apple cider vinegar

My garden this week has started growing out of control.  My tomatoes will not stop growing.  The metal thing its growing on is in the soil as far as it can go, and its still tipping over.  I had to lean it up against my deck railing.  The strawberries are finally growing really well, and a couple of them are turning red!  I want to pick them so bad and see what they taste like.  They better be good.  I'm sure they will be though, they're strawberries!  I'm worried about my bell pepper plants.  The plant looks awesome, but the pepper is rotting.  Its really weird.  I hope its okay.  They're like my kids now.  Another thing to worry about!

backyard garden

tomato plants

green bell peppergreen bell pepper

anaheim pepperjalopeno



Hope everyone has a good weekend!  I'm cleaning the house, baking 2 pies, making pasta salad and getting ready for a big BBQ at my house tomorrow!  Wish me luck!