Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daydreams - Tree Houses

daydreams the tattooed housewife

Since the weather here in North Carolina has been unbearably hot, me and my daughter haven't really been able to go outside.  Its too hot for me, and definitely too hot for her, unless we want to go to the park at 7 in the morning.  Not going to happen.  There's no kids!

I have been dreaming about living in a house that's in a tree.  I was all about that old Disney movie "The Swiss Family Robinson" when I was younger.  The house they made was amazing!  And it was incredible they built it out of nothing.  These houses I have found around the internet reminded me of the movie and would be so perfect.  Especially the Victorian styles.  They are so beautiful!


This last one is so gorgeous.  I bet it is so awesome to sleep here with all the outdoor sounds.  I bet its paradise when its raining.

Where do you go when its too hot outside?  Do you have a cool tree house like these?  If you do, I want pictures!

Inspiration Workshop - Week 5 - Bathroom

This week's inspiration is all about bathrooms.  I was so jealous of the owners of these spaces when I was going through looking for my perfect place.  Some people had bathrooms the entire size of my house.  It was ridiculous!  I wouldn't need a place that big, but I definitely would not be sad if I had one.  

When I was going through the images the ones that always caught my eye were yellow.  I can't believe I used to hate this color!  I love it because it is so bright and seems like it would make me happy every time I stepped into the room.  Plus, getting up and going into a bright yellow bathroom would wake me up every morning, which is something that I could really use. 

yellow bathroom

This bathroom isn't my perfect one, but I love the wallpaper, paint job, or whatever they did to make the stripes.  I would need to add another sink for my husband and a vanity for me with really good lighting so I could SIT and do my hair and makeup.  Its crazy.  Since I've been pregnant, I get light headed by the end of my morning routine.  Sometimes I even have to go sit down in the middle of it to let the blood settle.  Haha.  

I am really enjoying this "workshop."  Can't wait to find out what next week's will be!  If you haven't done it, you should!  Just click the link in the sidebar to jump in!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I just wanted to post really quick about an amazing designer I discovered while searching for a background for my blog.  His name is Dennis Bennett, and he was nice enough to give me permission to use the Fruit Cocktail background!  Isn't is so freakin' adorable?!  His Flickr username is dennisthebadger.  He has some of the cutest illustrations and designs I have ever seen.  Dennis the Badger is recurrent in his work, as well as so many other adorable little creatures!  Here's a quick peek into his stream:

sea creatures
I would love to use this if it was fabric for my daughter, Maggie.  She is ALL about the sea!

wood creatures
I love these animals!!!

retro pink wallpaper
I know all you vintage appreciators will love his wallpaper designs.  There is such a strong retro influence!

pole dancing girl
I love this.  It reminds me of a modern day Picasso.

owl loves

All of these pictures can be found on his Flickr stream.  His work is so diverse!  I STRONGLY recommend you to go and check out his work!  Leave him your praise as well!  Let me know if you do!

Last 5 Pins

last 5 pins

It seems like I had a real mystical/fantasy vibe going on when I was pinning these last pins.  They make me think Tinkerbell and the Pagemaster all in one.  

baby room

I am about 2 months away from having this baby and I wish I could give her this room!  Or something like it!  It is crazy how creative and over the top people can get with baby rooms.  It would also probably help if I had a custom designer, builder, and about $20,000.

trinity college

I have always wanted to go to Ireland, but Trinity College Library in Dublin makes me want to go there even more.  I would LOVE to have these many books in my possession.  Even just one of these shelves would be nice.

rabbit hole

This is what I imagine the kids from "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" saw when they were that small.  At least, this is what I would want to see.  I wish there was a way for me to be that small, so I could slide down some blades of grass.  Ew, as long as there were no huge bugs to come after me.

cabin bedroom

Dan and I eventually want to buy ourselves a cabin in Minnesota.  There are over 12,000 lakes in the state, so lake front property is not expensive as you would think.  I want this window in our's.  And I love the fact that it is an A-frame.  They are the ultimate vintage looking houses to me.


I found this painting/drawing and of course there is no link, which SUCKS!  I really want to know the artist, because it is so awesome!!!  I would love to check out the rest of his/her work.  If you know who did this, please let me know!

Did you find any interesting pins this week?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finally Back!

I can't believe it has been so long since I've posted.  Its really weird.  It hasn't been that many days, but I feel like it has been forever.  Probably because this weekend has been horrible!  We moved out house, and I also tried to move my blog over to Wordpress and both turned into failures!

So, let me just share a couple of things about our move.  We started out signing the lease on Friday and felt great about the house, so of course we drive immediately there.  The house was DISGUSTING.  The carpets were not clean and were black everywhere, and every room was gross.  The toilets had black mold on them, there was dust on the walls (i didn't even realize dust could stick to vertical walls), and there was what looked like blood on the walls and carpets.  I can't believe the rental agency didn't get any of this stuff cleaned when we had scheduled a lease signing a week prior and gave them a holding fee for the house!

gross fireplace
Our fireplace had an enormous cobweb with a bunch of black things in it.  Eeeeehhhhhhh.

So, I called the agency, and told them it needed to be cleaned and they said it would get done that night.  Dan and I went back to our old house and finished packing.  Saturday morning we got our truck, loaded the stuff and drove to our house.  IT WAS STILL NOT CLEAN.  And of course, no one that could help us was working at the agency over the weekend.  I had to call a carpet cleaner who could fortunately go right over and clean the carpets.  So, we had to move all our furniture in the garage.  By the way, this is where we found out our air conditioner wasn't working, so me and Dan decided to sleep on our hardword floors in our old house, which is incredibly uncomfortable being pregnant.  

moving day
Our garage full of all our stuff!

Someone eventually came over to clean the house, we got all our stuff moved in and our air conditioning was fixed Monday.  But our garage door broke, one of our toilets won't stop running, and our disposal is broken so water is backed up in the sink.  Haha, its funny, because I cannot believe how much stuff has gone wrong.  If you have seen "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks, that is my situation, but a rental version.

the money pit
Pretty much how I felt all weekend.

I also tried to move my blog over to Wordpress, because I did a lot of research and it seemed like a really awesome platform to use.  I don't know if I'm retarded or what, but I cannot figure it out.  I couldn't even get a Google Friend Connect to work.  Then I found out Wordpress won't allow that.  Its really weird.  Oh well.  Maybe I can figure it out if I keep working on it.  It doesn't seem like you can do very much with the design either.  Well, there's the nerd in me.  

I am glad to be back and I will start posting regularly again!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moving Day Tomorrow!

moving day

Tomorrow we will finally be signing out lease to our new rental.  Tomorrow is also the day they are disconnecting our internet.  Sigh.  And I don't know what time they are coming to do it.  So, I may not be posting tomorrow.  The earliest time I could schedule them to set it up in the new house was Monday!  What am I going to do until Monday?!  I guess i could actually move all my stuff and begin to unpack, but that is not really fun.  haha.  Its a good thing I won't have internet.  I also will not have my daughter since my mom is watching her all weekend.  I will be forced to work on unpacking with no distractions.  Well, if I don't talk to you tomorrow, have a great weekend!  You'll be hearing from me on Monday! 

Inspiration Workshop - Week 4 - Play

This week's inspiration is all about what you would like to do when you have fun.  Something I have not gotten to do in a very long time.  Sigh.  The joys of being pregnant while having a toddler. 

Probably the most fun I have ever had was when this bar called Ringside in Durham, NC had a Soul Night one Saturday every month.  Local DJ's would spin reggae, soul, motown, and R&B all night.  It was amazing.  They also didn't card me and sold Long Island Ice Teas in 16 oz. glasses for 8 bucks...  Sooo...  I had a lot of fun.  Sadly, I don't have any pictures from those nights because I was always dancing.  I mean really dancing.  As in one night my friend had to fireman carry me out of the place while I was clawing at the walls dancing.  I did find this picture that I have always liked of a couple of skinheads dancing.
skinhead raggae soul night

Sigh.  Those were the days.  I miss them so much.  But I am glad they're gone.  I don't think I could handle that now like I did then.  I'm happy with the way things are today, I just miss those times.  I'm sure every "grown-up" knows what I'm talking about.

What do you enjoy doing?  What do you wish you could do now that you did when you were younger?



This week I have been thinking a lot about having my own craft room.  My husband and I are looking at buying a house next year, and I keep dreaming of having my own woman cave with everything that I love in it.  I know inspiration would flow so easily if I had my own space to lock myself into and just create.  I cannot wait!  Here's a couple of photos that totally inspire me to have my perfect space.
huge craft roomsmall craft space
How awesome would it be to have a room as big as the one on the left to dedicate to being creative???  Even if I had a space like the yellow one on the right it would be awesome.  I would be happy with either!  Well, maybe a little bit happier with the larger one...
pink world map
I really love maps and this pink one is adorable.  Maybe I could use it as a board for all my sale from all over the world if I ever own my own shop :)
I think I need to start stockpiling supplies.  It would be nice to start out with this much stuff.  Although, it probably takes away from the rush of finding everything.
words on the wallsinspiration quote
It would be nice to have a bunch of inspirational quotes painted on my walls.  And to look at this quote everyday.  I need to remind myself I am awesome.  I think everyone loses sight of that every now and then.
photography cheat sheet
I am not a great photographer.  I have a decent camera, but I do not know all the settings on it.  I could probably take better pictures if I had something like this on the wall to remind me of things 24/7.
dress form lightscrap fabric art
This lamp is so freakin amazing!  Its so adorable!  This is a woman's equivalent to the leg lamp from "A Christmas Story."  I need it.  The other picture is a piece of artwork made from scrap fabric.  Its such a good idea instead of just throwing it out.  And its pretty!
polka dot chairshomemade clock
These chairs!  This clock!  I already have way too much polka dot stuff, but how can I not.  It makes anything look "bubbly."  The clock would make a really fun project.  And it would make a nice personal addition to the room.
drafting table
I have always wanted a drafting table.  This one has that rustic cabin feel that I love.  Plus its massive!
pink desk
Good lord.  This is perfect.  This would make sewing, blogging, working, anything be so fun.  How could you not get inspired with this hot pink desk!  I WILL re-purpose a desk one day and do this.

What does your crafting space look like?  Where does your inspiration come from?


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last 5 Pins

last 5 pins the tattooed housewife
These pins are really fun this week, and I'm really excited about sharing them.
This wallpaper is so freakin cute!  I love the greens and yellows in it, and I love how "busy" it is.  Gives that 60s vibe.  I don't know what room I would ever put this in.  I would probably put it in the Woman Cave, since Dan would probably not want to see it anywhere else.  haha.
vintage floral wallpaper

Durmot Mulroney.  Mmmmmmmmm.  Ever seen "A Thing Called Love?"  You should.  Not only is this amazingly hot guy in it, but an equally hot River Phoenix is in it.  And they both sing and wear tight pants.  Just sayin.
durmot mulroney

I'm still all about embroidery inspiration.  These were a couple of really cool quilting stitches that I came across.  I'm still working on my squid embroidery.  I had to pull a BUNCH of stitches out, because I used the same color floss I did the outline with to do all the details. It definitely all meshed together, and you could not tell what anything was.  So a whole week's worth of work down the drain!  Anyways, here's the stitches!
quilting stitches

This color-your-own-wallpaper would be so awesome in my daughter's room when she gets a little older.  Although, it would be cool to just let her go at it.  All the better coloring would be higher since she would get better at coloring as she got older and taller.
color your own wallpaper

This dress is MY PERFECT DRESS.  No lie.  I am in love with gingham patterns and hourglass shaped dresses (I have a bit of a large butt, so it hides it a little).  But not only is the dress amazing, the woman's hair, glasses, shoes and make-up all go together so well.  Someone please buy me everything in this picture!  Plane included!
perfect dress

Its so weird how I feel good after looking at my Pinterest pins.  Anybody else ever feel like that?  Its crazy what small things will do to you.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday: Valeria Vargas

tattoo tuesday the tattooed housewife

This week's artist is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  I cannot believe I have never seen her work before.  Her name is Valerie Vargas and she tattoos at Frith Street Tattoo in London.  I really wish I could fly over to London and get tattooed by her right now.  The colors, the content, the line work...  all so impressive.  She's another artist that gets influence from the traditional tattoo style.  A lot of her work is women's faces, and she does them beautifully.  Now, photos!
valerie vargas sewing machine
valerie vargas bullwolf girl
love bikes valerie vargas
fox and rabbit
valerie vargas sink or swimvalerie vargas back piece

This isn't a tattoo, but this convention flier is awesome.  Plus, its a really awesome skinhead girl painting.  Have to put my kind in there when I can!
valerie vargas skinhead girl

Isn't her work incredible?  If you want to check out more, go to  Not only are there pictures, but she has a blog and store!

All photos can be found on