Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finally Back!

I can't believe it has been so long since I've posted.  Its really weird.  It hasn't been that many days, but I feel like it has been forever.  Probably because this weekend has been horrible!  We moved out house, and I also tried to move my blog over to Wordpress and both turned into failures!

So, let me just share a couple of things about our move.  We started out signing the lease on Friday and felt great about the house, so of course we drive immediately there.  The house was DISGUSTING.  The carpets were not clean and were black everywhere, and every room was gross.  The toilets had black mold on them, there was dust on the walls (i didn't even realize dust could stick to vertical walls), and there was what looked like blood on the walls and carpets.  I can't believe the rental agency didn't get any of this stuff cleaned when we had scheduled a lease signing a week prior and gave them a holding fee for the house!

gross fireplace
Our fireplace had an enormous cobweb with a bunch of black things in it.  Eeeeehhhhhhh.

So, I called the agency, and told them it needed to be cleaned and they said it would get done that night.  Dan and I went back to our old house and finished packing.  Saturday morning we got our truck, loaded the stuff and drove to our house.  IT WAS STILL NOT CLEAN.  And of course, no one that could help us was working at the agency over the weekend.  I had to call a carpet cleaner who could fortunately go right over and clean the carpets.  So, we had to move all our furniture in the garage.  By the way, this is where we found out our air conditioner wasn't working, so me and Dan decided to sleep on our hardword floors in our old house, which is incredibly uncomfortable being pregnant.  

moving day
Our garage full of all our stuff!

Someone eventually came over to clean the house, we got all our stuff moved in and our air conditioning was fixed Monday.  But our garage door broke, one of our toilets won't stop running, and our disposal is broken so water is backed up in the sink.  Haha, its funny, because I cannot believe how much stuff has gone wrong.  If you have seen "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks, that is my situation, but a rental version.

the money pit
Pretty much how I felt all weekend.

I also tried to move my blog over to Wordpress, because I did a lot of research and it seemed like a really awesome platform to use.  I don't know if I'm retarded or what, but I cannot figure it out.  I couldn't even get a Google Friend Connect to work.  Then I found out Wordpress won't allow that.  Its really weird.  Oh well.  Maybe I can figure it out if I keep working on it.  It doesn't seem like you can do very much with the design either.  Well, there's the nerd in me.  

I am glad to be back and I will start posting regularly again!