Friday, September 30, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

Man, I am horrible at keeping up with these!  Oh well, I've been busy with the baby, school work, and catching up on sleep.  I thought I was back in the swing of things, but Lizzy decided to go through a little growth spurt!

Things to Do Before My Next Birthday
1.  Move to Minnesota and get the house set-up.
2.  Find a way to make some money!
3.  Accept that I will see snow on the ground and the temperature be under freezing for the rest of my life on my birthday.
4.  Get a snow suit.
5.  Find a way to make some steady income...  like finally deciding on a craft to sell!
6.  Enjoy 25 as much as I can before I turn 26!

My Overused Words and Phrases
1.  Definitely
2.  Wud up!
3.  Huh?

If I Ruled the World...
1.  Money would be obsolete and everyone would be able to get along and share everything.
2.  Flash mobs would be a common occurrence.
3.  Classic cars would be put back into production.
4.  Tattoos and hair color wouldn't matter at your workplace.
5.  I would travel to every country for diplomacy (really just so I could travel).

Things that Were Awesome About this Month
1.  Had my daughter!!!

I'm Proud of Myself for...
1.  Being able to take care of two kids.
2.  Teaching my 2-year-old her colors, the ABCs and their sounds, animals and their sounds, shapes, and numbers.
3.  Being in the Army.
4.  Settling down, even though I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY miss partying.
5.  Starting to get creative again and learning new skills.
6.  Winning a scholarship for a 1st place piece in an art show...  Yeah, it was in high school, but it was still one of my best moments.
7.  Landing a really hot husband (haha!) who just happens to be an amazing man.

Well, that's all the lists for this month!  I have to say it was pretty fun and got me to think about some things.  It will be nice to look on these down the road.  Maybe even do them again in a year and see how things have changed.

Today I'm really excited, because the family and I are going to an antique fair not too far from our town!  I'm hoping we score some really awesome stuff.  Either way I'm bringing along the camera and will post about it next week!  Have a good weekend! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Attack of the Toadstools!

Since I got my camera awhile ago I've been trying to take a bunch of pictures and learn all the different settings on it.  There's not really much of anything to take pictures of except my kids and my background.  Lately, mushrooms have been popping up EVERYWHERE outside my house.  Its crazy!  So, here's a couple of them I found along with another giant spider...  and some kebabs we made the other night.  Yum!!
around the house mushrooms and spiders
around the house mushrooms and spiders
around the house mushrooms and spiders
around the house mushrooms and spiders
around the house mushrooms and spiders
around the house mushrooms and spiders
around the house mushrooms and spiders
around the house mushrooms and spiders
How adorable is this one!!!
around the house mushrooms and spiders
around the house mushrooms and spiders
I love kebabs.  They're so easy to make.  Just put everything on a stick, sprinkle on a little salt and pepper, and throw them on the grill!  I'm going to miss grilling out all the time like we do in the summer!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Needle Some Inspiration

Haha, like what I did there?  So cheesy.  Anyways, lately I haven't been sewing with my machine much, because I have had no energy or motivation to set everything up.  My set-up kind of sucks at the moment.  Its in the corner of my bedroom and not everything is out and ready for me to sew.  I have been knitting a lot, though.  I have my stuff in a bag right beside the couch, so anytime I have some spare time I sit and knit.  Its so relaxing.  I love it!  Plus, it takes nothing to just open the bag and get my needles and yarn out.

I'm almost done with this little robe/jacket thing I decided to make for my daughter with no pattern.  I don't think its going to come out that well, but I have to finish it!  I finished the back and front and ran out of pink yarn I was using.  I thought I had more.  I was a little disappointed when I opened my yarn box and had none!  I had to start using this yellow yarn that's not the same feeling at all!  And its bigger!  So, the sleeves are going to look a little strange.  Oh well.

I've been looking around for some vintage knit patterns that were a little on the easy side.  I've been knitting for awhile, but I haven't really expanded my skills passed the basics.  I am trying to do that by putting together a piece for me using a pattern.  I have really only done my own stuff...  Maybe that's why most of it turns out the wrong size!  Here's a couple I would really love to do!

vintage knit patterns
I don't know what this one was called, but its cute!  {Source}
vintage knit patterns
vintage knit patterns
vintage knit patterns
vintage knit patterns
vintage knit patterns
vintage knit patterns
vintage knit patterns

Most of these were from The Vintage Knitting Lady.  I highly recommend you go and look at everything she has!  They are amazing!!!  Do you know of any other websites that have awesome vintage knit patterns?  I would love to know what they were!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday: Paul Anthony Dobleman

Wow.  It has been awhile since I have done a Tattoo Tuesday post.  These are my favorites, too!  I love looking around for awesome artists and their work.  And tattoos have really good inspiration for composition and design.
This week's artist is Paul Anthony Dobleman from Spider Murphy's Tattoo in San Rafael, CA.  In his work you will find anything from nuns to nudes, and all are done beautifully.  He puts an extra effort in making each piece unique by all the small details you wouldn't normally see in the traditional style.  From his use of color and letters, subject matter and themes, he sticks very close to the roots of this great American tradition.  And does an amazing job of executing it.  
paul anthony dobleman tattoo
paul anthony dobleman tattoo
paul anthony dobleman tattoo
paul anthony dobleman tattoo
paul anthony dobleman tattoo
paul anthony dobleman tattoo

And now a few paintings!  They are gorgeous!
paul anthony dobleman tattoo
paul anthony dobleman tattoo

If you would like to see more of Paul Dobleman's work visit his Facebook or website.  And if you want to get tattooed, go here!
1006 Lincoln Ave 4th Street 
San Rafael, CA. 94901
12pm - 7pm

There was also recently a book put out of flash by all the artists at Spider Murphy's Tattoo by Tattoo Life.  You can get that here.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!  

If you have an artist that you would like to see featured on the Tattooed Housewife, e-mail me at TheTattooedHousewife[at]gmail[dot]com.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Alcohol is Good for You

Well, according to these beer ads it is.  These are a couple of photos I found that claim beer has a couple of health benefits.  One even says that Blatz beer benefits mom and baby! Man, times have changed.
schlitz vintage ad
vintage guiness ad
bulmer's vintage ad
blatz vintage ad
schlitz vintage ad
This last one doesn't talk about health, I just thought it was funny.  How many men do you know that could respond to burnt dinner like that?  Haha, my husband probably would.  

I can definitely see a company like Stanley Cooper being behind all these ads.  I especially like the twist on the Bulmer's cider ad that says its the same as eating an apple away to keep the doctor away!

Do you know any sites that have any good vintage ads?  I see a lot of posts that have vintage ads in them and would love to look through some more.  Let me know!

All pictures from Holy Taco

Saturday, September 24, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 23 and 24

If I Won the Lottery...
1.  Travel
i want to travel 60s

2.  Take classes that will help with my hobbies.  Sewing, knitting, saxophone, drawing photography, mechanic...
classroom with blackboards

3.  Buy a tenor saxophone.  I used to play in high school and I could have been really awesome if I kept at it!
tenor saxophone

4.  Open my own bar/venue.
irish pub public house bar

5.  Build a library in my house.
in home library

6.  Ikea shopping spree.
ikea shopping spree

7.  Buy a mid-century home.
mid century home

8.  Have an awesome craft room.
cute funky punk craft room

9.  Have an amazing closet that will most likely be an open closet in my craft room.  I love this idea!
open closet in office

10.  Own a 1959 Cadillac DeVille.  My dream car!  They are so amazing!  Wouldn't mind the airstream, either.
1959 cadillac deville and airstream trailer

11.  Buy a ton more English bulldogs.  How could you not love these dogs?!
english bulldog taking a bath with a shower cap

Things I Like to Do When I'm Sick
1.  SLEEP!
2.  Eat chicken noodle soup and drink tea.
3.  Watch cheesy day time TV like Judge Mathis and Cheaters.  Sometimes even Maury.

Doing that list of winning the lottery really makes me hate money!  Only because I don't have a lot.  Makes me so mad that celebrities can get $25 million for making one movie.  What do they do with all that money!  Its insane!  I need to start a charity in my name or something.  Haha.  Or maybe Brad and Angelina will adopt me.  
I never play the lottery because it doesn't seem worth it with the odds.  Plus, the last 3 people who have won the national lottery have been killed!

Sorry, went on a little rant.  Hope everyone's weekend is a good one!  We're stuck in Fayetteville and its rainy.  Sigh.  Can't wait till the weather gets nicer and cooler!  Anyone doing anything fun?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Organized Chaos

I have been working a couple of weeks on a little knit robe for my daughter.  I'm not using a pattern, well, not one that I bought.  I'm using something that I made up myself.  Does anyone else try out their own patterns?  I guess I get impatient and just want to create, and I don't want to take the extra time to pick out something.

See what I mean by organized chaos?  I'm surprised I can actually read this with all the changes I have made!  
your own knitting pattern
I'm also doing a little experiment of trying to "emboss" the fabric by using different stitches.  That's my pattern to follow.  It hasn't really been working that well, I have already messed up in a couple of places, but Maggie won't be able to tell.  Its definitely a learning experience!
embossing on fabric
That's what I love about crafting.  You have the freedom to do whatever you want and there are no rules.  Sometimes it turns out horrible, but sometimes you can get amazing results.  Let's hope this turns out amazing!

Do you have any techniques you tried and they came out awesome?  What about ones that just flat out failed?