Monday, June 20, 2011

30-Day Journal Challenge

Instead of posting these everyday, I decided to start grouping them.  Its easier for me, and you get to read stuff on the days I have nothing to write about!  Win win situation!  I have four entries for you tonight.  These were some of my favorites I have done so far.  Probably because I sat down and was not rushing to do them.  I also had a pretty productive day, so I think that helped a little as well.
Prompt:  What are your favorites right now?
30 day journal challenge

Prompt:  Illustrate your job.
30 day journal challenge
The entry above was pretty explanatory.  This one we had to illustrate out job, but mine was kind of hard to just draw, so I decided to do a pictogram.  I think it turned out cooler than just a mom holding a baby, if I do say so myself.  And in case you didn't get it, that's hay after the ST.

Prompt:  What super power do you wish you could have?
30 day journal challenge
This was another thing that was hard to show in a drawing.  I have been talking about teleportation for I don't know how long.  I really wish someone would hurry up and invent it so I didn't have to have a super power.  It would be nice to go anywhere in the world in under a minute.  I cannot stand planes.  Not because I am afraid of flying or am claustrophobic, I hate sitting in one place for hours at a time.  My legs need to move around!  And getting up to go to the bathroom does not count.

Prompt:  3 wishes.
30 day journal challenge
Sigh.  Three wishes.  I wish a genie was a real thing so this stuff could come true!  But in actuality, these things could easily come true.  Well, not easily, but its not that far fetched.  Owning a home, going to Ireland, and (I know this was not portrayed very well) making money from home.  I could make these things happen!  I just really need to put my mind to it.  Still trying to think of different things I could craft and sell.  I don't want to do anything someone has already done, and that is where it gets difficult.

How's everyone else doing on the challenge?  Anyone notice that I gave up on the photo challenge?  Haha, my camera is not good enough to take interesting pictures.  Okay, I'm not good enough for it, just using the camera as a scape goat!