Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30-Day Photo Challenge

Just like I missed the journal entry yesterday, I missed the photo for the 30-Day Photo Challenge, too.

Day 6:  Take a picture at a low angle.  Our bulldog, Brutus, sleeps 24/7.  He'll flatten himself out of the floor, and his legs end up looking like turkey legs.  Its adorable.  I guess you can't really tell the angle I'm taking this, but it is from the floor.  Ew, luckily you can't see my floor.  It is pretty disgusting today.  I still haven't cleaned it from the BBQ on Saturday.  I really need that motivation right about now.

30 day photo challenge

Day 7: A picture of fruit.  We actually don't have much fruit in the house today.  We haven't been to the grocery store to really buy groceries since we still have a ton of leftovers in the fridge.  One fruit we always keep on hand is blueberries.  I can't believe I never really ate them before I met Dan.  They're his favorite, so I tried them, and now I have to eat them every morning.  Plus, they're really good for you.

30 day photo challenge

Tomorrow is a picture of a bad habit.  I need to figure out a good one.