Monday, July 4, 2011


Want to know about another awesome internet time waster?  Get account, pick your interests and start "stumbling."  When you sign up, you get to click all different types of categories.  A couple of mine were Art, Movies, Children, Animals, Stroonomy, etc.  Then, based on your selections, StumbleUpon will send you to randomly selected websites.  Its awesome!  You thumbs up and thumbs down things (just like Pandora) and it will get better at choosing sites that will interest you.  You can find so many different crazy things.  Here's a couple of things I have stumbled upon today.

I would give anything to be swimming in this Singapore hotel pool right now.
marina hotel in singapore

A video of AMAZING giant bubbles. 

Swirling Milk Experiment.

I really miss starting dance parties.

Word Search wrapping paper tutorial!
word search wrapping paper

I wish I knew what they were saying so I could know more about this artist!  It looks like he uses glue and glitter to create this painting!

I made pop-up books when I was a kid, so this tutorial on how to make a pop-up flower card is so nostalgic!

This commercial about wearing your seat belt, literally, just made me cry.

A wall in New Orleans where you write what you want to do before you die in chalk.
before i die wall

Do you have a StumbleUpon account?  Leave a comment or any links to your stumbles.