Sunday, July 3, 2011

So Excited!!!

sewing machine

I finally got enough money together to buy a sewing machine, and, no, its not this one.  I wish.  That one is adorable.  I got a Brother CS6000i from that was refurbished.  I have researched (A LOT) and it had the most stitches for the least value.  Also, it had a ton of awesome reviews to be a great machine for a beginner.  I cannot wait to start.  I have had a pile of fabric in a box for a month now.  My idea when I first bought it was that I was going to sew a dress for my daughter by hand.  Definitely never got around to doing that.  My husband has a couple of 24 hour shifts this week, so I'm really hoping I get it before he has them so I have all day and night to work.  Can't wait!!!

Today my friend and I are going to an estate sale in a really awesome downtown Raleigh.  The ad said the woman traveled for many years of her life, so I got my hopes up its going to be awesome!  Either way, its my first one, so it should be fun.  Then going to BBQ at a friend's house.  Should be a good day!

What are your plans for the weekend?