Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday: Matt Kolling

the tattooed housewife tattoo tuesday

This week's tattoo artist is someone my husband gets tattooed by.  I'm not biased!  He's actually incredibly good.  His name is Matt Kolling and he tattoos at Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis, MN.  He does a lot of pin-ups, monsters, and traditional type tattoos.  Not only is he a good artist, but the couple of times I have met him he was really nice and likes to work with you on your design.  I am really excited to get tattooed by him one day.  Only a couple of more months till we're in Minnesota!

stick to your guns matt kolling

old school cat woman matt kollingold school batman matt kolling

swamp thing matt kolling

beebop matt kollingrocksteady matt kolling

These tattoos are so awesome.  Our friend Brian has them on his calves.  Rocksteady and Bee Bop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

portrait of grandfather matt kolling

rockabilly pinup matt kollingmexican girl pinup matt kolling

dead birds matt kolling

gypsy girl matt kollingcover up matt kolling

Just wanted to mention, the tattoo on the right is a cover up!

liberty matt kolling

I had to add this tattoo in.  Its Dan's!  I love it so much.  Not because its my husband's, but its a really different take on the Statue of Liberty.  And the Pogues song, "Thousands are Sailing," is awesome.

If you want to check out anymore of his tattoos you can go to his Myspace page.  That is where I got all these pictures!