Monday, July 11, 2011

Great Day

happy dog face
This is pretty much how I felt all day!

I'm sure if you read my confidence post a couple of days ago, you know I have been a little down and out lately.  Well, today was definitely a day that I needed!  I woke up this morning and checked my blogger dashboard for comments and stats as usual.  I was surprised to see more than double the page views I get in the morning, so I went over to the traffic sources.  Mamaholic, from wrote an article about my page on the website's blog!  It was a short article, but it was really sweet and totally boosted my self-esteem!  I was so happy and so appreciative of it.

Then, my friend told me she had called out of work, so I got to hang out and girl talk for a couple of hours.  I couldn't do that this weekend, because Brutus was on pain meds and I was afraid to leave him at home too long by himself.  We went to Joann's, got food from Bojangles, and I got a donut from Dunkin Donuts.  I usually don't eat fast food, but very rarely, I love to eat something that is absolutely horrible for me, but that tastes so good.  And, man, did I enjoy it. 

I think this week is going to be a lot better!  I got some thread, so I will be trying my first project on my sewing machine!  A pillowcase dress for my daughter from Prudent Baby.  Hopefully, it will be done by Friday.  I am setting a goal to have it done by then!

I hope everyone had as good a Monday as me!  If not, I hope you're week gets better!