Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday: Shaun Nel

Tattoo Tuesday The Tattooed Housewife

This week's artist is Shaun Nel.  The only bad thing about this guy, is I couldn't really find a lot of information about him!  He does amazing work, so to make up for the lack of info, I found a ton of pictures.  His nickname is Shaun the African, so maybe he's from somewhere in Africa?  Make sense?  The only thing I could find out was he is tattooing currently at King's Avenue Tattoo in Massapequa, NY, but he has recently been to South Africa, Seattle, and Chicago.  I guess he likes to travel and be a guest artist places.  Really wish I could do that!  That would be an amazing way to tour the world.  

dorothy shaun nel

double eagle shaun nel

mom and pop shaun nel

bulldog shuan nel

family crest shuan nel
I really liked this tattoo.  Its a different take on the Claddagh that I have never seen before.

mom tribute shaun nel

dad tribute shaun nel

pin up sugar skull shuan nel

shuan nel tattoo

skeleton mary and jesus shuan nel

Hope you enjoyed these like I did searching for all these pictures through his blog.  That's right, he has a blog and there are many, many, many more pictures of his work from the places he has been.  

While you're checking his out, you should look at his friend's blog, also another tattoo artist.  Her name is Silje and she blogs at Little Bird Crafts.  That awesome tribute tattoo above for "Pappa" and "Mamma" is on her calves.  I found it on her Flickr photostream.

On a side note, I went to the doctor today for a routine pregnancy check-up.  For months I have had my due date for August 30th.  Now all of a sudden today they told me I was 36 weeks and due August 8th!  Not really sure what happened to get things mixed up!  They are going to review my ultrasound and tell me next week at my next appointment what the actual date is.  I hope its still August 30th!  If its the 8th, no road trip!!!