Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inspiration Workshop - Week 7 - Sunshine

Its all about sunshine for this week's Inspiration Workshop.  I love this sunshine!!!  I just hate when the upper 90 degree weather and humidity come with it.  That's all we've been getting around here, so I don't have any personal pictures from outside.  Being pregnant sucks in the summer!  I don't like being cooped up inside all the time when the sun is out.  It energizes you so much, even if you are only out there for 5 minutes.  Also, gets my creative juices flowing and ideas start flowing a lot more than usual.  So, my inspirational sunshine picture is:

marilyn smiling in the sunshine
I have never seen this picture of Marilyn Monroe before, and I love it.  Its so genuine.  She doesn't look like she has any make-up on, she looks so relaxed and she still looks gorgeous...  And I really want her hat. This photo makes me want to go outside with a glass of tea and take a walk somewhere.

What kind of sunshine pictures are inspiring you?  Have you link up with Gussy Sews in the workshop, yet?


This is my 100th post!!!  And I found out earlier that BRUTUS DOESN'T HAVE CANCER!!!  THE TUMOR WAS BENIGN!!!  Awesome day!