Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last 5 Pins Vol. 6

I haven't done one of these in awhile so I thought, "why not?"  Especially with everything going on right now.  I need some easy posts!  I almost have this baby out, and I'm doing all the last minute things I need to get ready!  I also have to prepare for this Hurricane that's coming this weekend.  I live about 2 hours inland from the NC coast, so I'm not looking forward to it.  And with my luck I'll end up going into labor on Saturday night when the storm is at its strongest!  I really don't want to have to rely on my husband to deliver this baby at our house!  Haha, that would be really scary!

Just so you know, I had to add a few more pins than usual, because, well, these were awesome this week!  So instead of Last 5 pins, it will be last 14 pins.  Haha.  I get overwhelmed with awesomeness from Pinterest sometimes and get a little carried away.  I know you know what I'm talking about!

black and white pagoda umbrella
I love this umbrella!!!

there's no place like home tattoo painting
This print is adorable and was done SO beautifully!  It was done by an artist named Rik Lee.  You should really go to the link and check out his other work out.  All of his paintings are so clean.  I've never seen line work like it.  Its really impressive!

sleeping beauty print
Sigh.  My favorite Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty.  I still do not have this in my collection!  I definitely need it since I am having my second little girl!

stencil octopus table tutorial
This is THE coolest table I have ever seen in my life.  Its such a simple idea, too!  Taking a stencil, placing it on the table, painting it, and then peeling the stencil off.  I now need to decide what I'm going to do to my book shelves.

forest nursery
I will probably be living in rentals the years that a nursery would be in order for our kids, but this one was adorable and I couldn't resist pinning it.  I could still do the walls for older girls.

light blue and gold star nails
I really need the patience and time to do nails like these!

black gold and silver lightening bolt nails
I don't get how people make these lines so perfect!  I always end up peeling the polish off with the tape!  These are amazing!

1949 black and white mermaid pinups
I really want a mermaid tail like these so I can swim around in a pool!

light brite type project with canvas and christmas lights
Another awesome home project.  This would make a really cool night light for my daughter!

i'm one 20th century mod book
I've seen this book on so many times and I never buy it.  I've always been into the 60s soul music, which in turn has gotten me into the fashion of mods...  and their scooters.  I thought I wanted a bike or motorcycle, but I think I need a scooter instead.

gentlemen of bacongo book
I discovered this book through the Modcloth Blog.  Its looks really interesting.  How could it not with that man on the front!  Its about this group of men in the Republic of Congo that are really fashion forward.

gray felted slippers tutorial
These look so comfortable and there's a pattern for them!

army pinup girl
Here is one awesome and beautiful woman from the 40's.

Hope all these peaked your interest today!  Keep in mind if there's days when I don't post, I am probably in the hospital!  I love you all, but I hope its soon cause I am starting to get incredibly uncomfortable!

By the way, has anyone else had problems with their Google Friend Connect?  My followers widget keeps disappearing and I don't know how to fix it!  I have removed it and saved it back again and again and it never stays.  Sigh.