Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday: My Tattoo Treasury

I recently discovered treasuries on Etsy.  I'm probably behind the times, but I don't own a shop and never have extra money to go buy stuff on there, so I just do the occasional browsing.  They're so much fun to do!  Plus, it gives you a way to group all your favorites if you look for a certain "category" a lot.  Like this morning, I made a Tattoo Treasury and found a lot of really awesome stuff!

antique tattooed lady plate
Antique Tattooed Lady Plate via BeatUpCreations

japanese tattoo baby dress
Infant or Toddler Japanese Dress via AprilScott

bake cake tattoo embroidery
Bake Cake Embroidery via LivingThread

sugar skull eco friendly coffee cup
Sugar Skull Ceramic Travel Mug via SewZinski

tattoo print for your name 50s style
Edith Skull Girl Print via KnitMotorcycle

fake cupcakes tattoo for wedding
Fake Cupcake Business Card/Photo Holder via 12LegCuriosities

illustrated tattoo man
Illustrated Man Print via TheBlackApple

tattoo knit headband
Old School Tattoo Style Knit Headband via JanineBasil

old school tattoo lipstick necklace
Lipstick Necklace via TheRingLeader

old school tattoo mermaid flask
Mermaid Flask via ManEatingFlower

old school tattoo gypsy plain jane tshirt
Gypsy Plain Jane Tshirt via VanityExposed

old school sword swallowing paper doll lady
Sword Swallower Posable Paper Doll via IllustratedInk

old school tattoo charms
Tattoo Charms via DragynsFyre

old school tattoo pillow
Tattoo Throw Pillow via CarouselBelle

old school tattoo rings
Old School Tattoo Rings via RingOfSaturn

tattoo baby sleeve onsie
Tattoo Sleeved Onesie for Infants via DiaperDesignsByKim

Aren't those amazing?  I am so in love with the Edith Girl Skull Print.  You can get one in your name also.  The Sleeved Onesie for Infants is adorable, too.  I just might have to get one for my little girl that's coming!  For a link to the whole treasury click here.

Have you used the treasury on Etsy before?  Do you have any awesome ones you want to share?