Friday, August 19, 2011

Attack Dog, Projects, and Thrift Finds

This week has been pretty good.  Hit the 38 week mark with my pregnancy, working on a lot of sewing (well, a lot for me), and found out because I am due the 30th of August, my husband won't have to go to a month long training event in September!  Woo!

Our dog Brutus is in love with Dan.  He doesn't really get the licking fits with me or Maggie...  Just Dan.  And he really likes licking his head.  I think it might be rough and feel good on his tongue since Dan always shaves his head.  Well, here's a picture of Brutus going to town.
brutus attacking dan
My projects this week haven't been too exciting.  They are ones that go along with the book I bought, Stitch by Stitch.  One I had to use the applique method of sewing.  It was good to learn, though, because I might use it in the future on some crafts I come up with.  
stitch by stitch project pictures
sticth by stitch project pictures
This next one turned out to be a failure.  I was supposed to draw a picture on a piece of fabric and then freestyle sew with the feeder dogs down.  This was really hard.  Because the presser feet were down they held the fabric so tight I could barely move the fabric at all!  In the middle of it I just ended up putting the feeder dogs back up and sewing VERY slowly.  
stitch by stitch project pictures
stitch by stitch project pictures
My husband has also been asking me to fix a couple of pair of jeans he has laying around that he doesn't wear because they're too long or have holes in them.  Luckily I was able to fix them!  I'm turning out to be a pretty awesome housewife!

Awhile ago when I was in Minnesota we went to a couple of antique shops.  I said i was going to post my stuff I bought, but I never did.  Whoops!  Here's two of the things I got.  An old 50s ad for Pyrex and two 70's jelly jars with the Archie characters on them.  I used to buy those comics any chance I got.  Especially at the grocery check out line.
thrift finds pyrex ad
thrift finds archie comics jelly jars

I hope everyone's week was good, and that you are going to have an awesome weekend!  Doing anything fun?