Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stumbles Vol. 3

This is a crazy video!  365 days worth of makeup applied in one day!  Makes me feel better that i don't wear foundation!

diy succulent table
DIY Succulent Pallet Table!  I really wish we could move already so I could start big projects like this!

Story of a dog and orangutan that became friends when they had no one else.  I love these stories!  There's really cute pictures of them swimming, too.

A list of very interesting questions.  Very interesting.

motorcycles made out of lighter parts
These tiny motorcycles were made out of lighter parts!

Garlic knots recipe.  Yum.

List of every Crayola crayon color ever made!  I miss the name-that-color-contests.

smiling silver smith jewelry
Smiling Silver Smith on Etsy makes these really cute rings!

Amazing monitor that doubles as a printer!

Otomata.  I don't even know how to describe this, but its awesome.  It makes music!

beautiful landscape
Really wish the website this was on listed where this was, because I really want to go!

Have you found anything interesting this week you want to share?