Sunday, August 21, 2011

Home Ec Course

home ec course by freckled nest

My friend sent me this link yesterday and I really cannot believe I have never seen this before!  I even read LA's blog, Freckled Nest, and I never saw the link on the side.  Sigh.  Well, either way, I'm really happy she showed me this!  Its the perfect way to learn how to sew!

The current book (Stitch by Stitch) I'm using to teach myself how to sew is working.  The only problem is the projects aren't exactly ones I'm that excited about.  I want to do them, though, so I will learn new skills.  With this course, every project is one I would actually be excited about doing and could totally use around my house!  There's step-by-step instructions on how to make an ironing board cover (which I am very excited about!), a zippered pencil pouch, hanging shoe organizer, and even hemming your jeans!  There are a ton more projects you can check out here.  Below is the whole course outline from the site:

"Home Ec Includes:
  • How to Work your Sewing Machine Video
  • Tools of the Trade Guide
  • Tips & Troubleshooting Video
  • 27 Step-by-Step Projects with at least one new sewing technique in each (see course outline for project & skills overview)
  • Tips Post on How to Invent & Adapt Projects of your Own! 
  • Supplies List (Curious about supplies? See FAQ)
  • 14 Tips for Fabric Shopping & Saving
  • An overall 'Frequently Asked Questions' section plus a FAQ section related to each project
  • Unlimited Access to Home Ec Course (no expiration)
  • A learning environment perfect for visual learners, taking it step by step! LOTS of pictures!"

The course is in a private blog format and once you purchase it, you will have access forever.  I am really thinking about doing it!  I'm debating on whether I should abandon Stitch by Stitch and buy the Home Ec Course, or just do both!  The course is $50, so I actually might wait a little bit.  I really want to do it, though, because the projects are awesome!!!

Please let me know if anyone has used this course.  I really want to know how awesome it is!  It will probably push me over the edge to buy it :)  I don't need much encouragement for things like this.