Friday, June 10, 2011

30-Day Journal Challenge

I missed yesterday's post because we were supposed to put down our pens and use random objects around the house.  I don't really have too many random things around the house since I have been packing and getting rid of things, so yes, I skipped it.  Sigh.

Prompt:  Illustrate your all time favorite song.

This was almost impossible.  I have so many different songs from so many different genres.  I ended up picking one that helped me get through a tough period.  When I was deployed to Iraq and he was deployed to Afghanistan at the same time, I used to listen to "Way Over There" by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles ALL the time.  Even though he's singing about a girl, I was still thinking about my husband.  Haha, I did send him a CD of it so I can say I was thinking about him singing it to me.  Here's the song:

I love that song every time I hear it.  You can't help but move with it.  Especially, with the group claps.  Haha, sorry.  I really love Smokey.  Here's my entry!  Kind of hard to illustrate this, but I think I got the concept.

30 day journal challenge

I'm a third of the way through.  I think I'm doing pretty good for only missing one day!