Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Stitches

sunday stitches the tattooed housewife

To keep myself inspired I'm going to start looking through embroidery pictures and posting them on Sundays.  There are so many awesome stitchers out there that I have found, and I really want other people to see them!  It is absolutely amazing what you can do with some thread and needles.

I found this chick, Katie Kutthroat, on an embroidery Flickr group I am apart of.  Her stuff is so inspiring  This is the kind of stuff that I really want to do one day.  I love the old school tattoo designs and I really want my house to be covered in them (when we finally do own a home).  All of these photos can be found on her embroidery Flickr photo stream.  I really encourage you to go check them out!  She has a lot of cool pieces.

tattooed lady emboiderysailor jerry embroiderysnake embroiderywoman embroidery

Do you have any embroideries that inspire you?  Let me know!