Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Love ______ Today

I am really in the mood to start something new.  Already!  This is how I am.  I can't help it!  I am stopping the Etsy Seller feature and starting a new one.  Its called "I love _____ Today."

For some reason, I have had "Thriller" in my head.  I think this little girl reminded me of it today at the park when she did a Zombie voice.  It was adorable and hilarious, but I am now a slave to the song.  I can't get it out of my head! 

Here's a couple of items I have picked out today that were inspired by the Michael Jackson music video, "Thriller".

I have never really been into leather jackets, but I found this one and it is awesome!  Its the perfect shade of red and cropped at the waist, but its not too short.  Also, a nice belt to tighten it up.
Red Leather jacket
Cropped Red Leather Jacket
I am not too into the whole zombie phenomenon that's going on, but this tattoo caught my eye.  I love how the artist used the blue and yellow for shading.
mike demasi zombie tattoo
Zombie Tattoo by Mike Demasi

The infamous Jheri Curl.  Michael Jackson's was pretty cool in the video, but this guy's takes the cake.  I know its a wig, but this picture is amazing.
Jerry Curl
Jheri Curl

I, for some reason, have always wished that one day I could be walking around in the mall or store, start singing, and then everyone around me knows the exact words to my song and then a huge choreographed production would go on right there.  I wish life were a musical sometimes.  It was be so much fun!
glee dance number
Dance Routine from Glee

I have always wanted to Karaoke.  I have never had the balls to do it.  I'm sure there will be one day where I drink way too much and wish I had never had the desire in the first place.  I just don't want to look stupid!  And I want no photo evidence!  I do not want a picture like this:
funny karaoke picture
Hilarious Karaoke Picture

My husband and I are heading to DC tomorrow to visit his cousin.  We get to drop the little one and bulldog off, so I don't have to worry about them all weekend!  I love breaks!  I hope its not too hot.  We're doing alot of walking since we have never really seen everything DC has to offer.  Saturday we're going to see "Prairie Home Companion" at an outdoor amphitheatre.  I am excited and bummed.  They are going to bring wine with them during the show and I will not be able to enjoy it.  I love drinking in the summer!  I miss it so much and I'm going to be pregnant ALL summer.  Sigh.  Have to wait till next year...