Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Love Spring

The weather has been so nice lately.  This afternoon, Maggie and I sat out on the deck and had lunch then I worked on my Mother's Day project while she kicked around a soccer ball.  It was so freaking nice out!  Too bad tomorrow it will rain all day.  And I got sun burn on my shoulders.  Only part of my body I forgot to put sunscreen on.

My plants are doing so awesome!  A couple of them were looking like they weren't going to make it for while, but they grew in really green!  It was mainly my strawberries.  Those are the ones I am most excited about.  Tiny strawberries are starting to grow.  My peppers and tomatoes are blooming, too and my basil is ready to cut.  I'm glad all that hard work of building those containers is paying off.  That really would have sucked!




More Oregano, Basil and Cilantro

 Finally!  Let's hope this one doesn't get eaten by a bird like the last one did.

Bell Pepper

Anaheim Pepper

Homestead Tomato 

Patio Tomato 

Both Tomatoes.  Not sure if you can tell, but the patio tomato has yellow leaves at the bottom.  I thought it was a goner, but they finally started growing in really dark green.  I'm so happy!  That thing has 15 blooms on it and its only about a foot tall! 

Bell peppers and Anaheim and jalopeno peppers 

Strawberries in the front and a blueberry bush in the back.  The strawberries still don't look wonderful, but at least there's no new leaves dieing.

I found these pictures on my computer.  I took them at my grandma's house when I discovered what the macro setting on my camera did.  If you don't know what macro is, its the little tulip.  If you use it you can get really close, focused shots!  There was a ton of them, but these are a couple of my favorite.  Gets me in the mood for spring!

Some kind of flower, but I thought it was cool with all the swirls.

This thing was tiny.  I could not believe it actually got it focused!

I love this picture.  Not for the flowers, but for that bee on the left side of the screen.  His legs look so adorable with all that pollen on it!