Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If I had a Million Dollars...

million dollars

I am now 25 weeks pregnant and found out yesterday I will be having a girl!!!  I am also getting so pregnant that I cannot fit into any of my normal clothes anymore.  None of my bathing suits either.  Everything I wear is all pregnancy stuff.  Well, I do wear a couple of shirts, but they're not extra long and you can see that really awesome navy elastic that is on my pregnancy shorts.  Its pretty hot. 

After going through labor and getting back to a smaller version of myself with my first child, I have found a new confidence in me I didn't really have before.  I find myself looking through bathing suits and saying "hey, that might actually look good on me!"  when the thought of me being in a bathing suit used to disgust me.  I am so sad that I will be pregnant during the ENTIRE summer, and won't be able to wear any of these swimsuits.  I just might have to buy one for next year!

Bathing Suits

Pink Fluorescent Stripe Triangle Bikini - Topshop.com - $55.00
Mauve Polka Big Pant Bikini - Topshop.com - $66.00
IRON FIST Zombie Chomper Womens Swimsuit Set - Tillys.com - $47.99
Scallop Stripe Bandeau Bikini - Topshop.com - $55.00
Polka-dot bandeau bikini by Flamingo Sands - TheOutNet.com - $56.00
Red Stripe Ring Bandeau Bikini - Topshop.com - $55.00

By the way, if you  have never browsed on Topshop.com, I highly recommend it.  The clothes are amazing!!!