Monday, September 26, 2011

Alcohol is Good for You

Well, according to these beer ads it is.  These are a couple of photos I found that claim beer has a couple of health benefits.  One even says that Blatz beer benefits mom and baby! Man, times have changed.
schlitz vintage ad
vintage guiness ad
bulmer's vintage ad
blatz vintage ad
schlitz vintage ad
This last one doesn't talk about health, I just thought it was funny.  How many men do you know that could respond to burnt dinner like that?  Haha, my husband probably would.  

I can definitely see a company like Stanley Cooper being behind all these ads.  I especially like the twist on the Bulmer's cider ad that says its the same as eating an apple away to keep the doctor away!

Do you know any sites that have any good vintage ads?  I see a lot of posts that have vintage ads in them and would love to look through some more.  Let me know!

All pictures from Holy Taco