Friday, September 30, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

Man, I am horrible at keeping up with these!  Oh well, I've been busy with the baby, school work, and catching up on sleep.  I thought I was back in the swing of things, but Lizzy decided to go through a little growth spurt!

Things to Do Before My Next Birthday
1.  Move to Minnesota and get the house set-up.
2.  Find a way to make some money!
3.  Accept that I will see snow on the ground and the temperature be under freezing for the rest of my life on my birthday.
4.  Get a snow suit.
5.  Find a way to make some steady income...  like finally deciding on a craft to sell!
6.  Enjoy 25 as much as I can before I turn 26!

My Overused Words and Phrases
1.  Definitely
2.  Wud up!
3.  Huh?

If I Ruled the World...
1.  Money would be obsolete and everyone would be able to get along and share everything.
2.  Flash mobs would be a common occurrence.
3.  Classic cars would be put back into production.
4.  Tattoos and hair color wouldn't matter at your workplace.
5.  I would travel to every country for diplomacy (really just so I could travel).

Things that Were Awesome About this Month
1.  Had my daughter!!!

I'm Proud of Myself for...
1.  Being able to take care of two kids.
2.  Teaching my 2-year-old her colors, the ABCs and their sounds, animals and their sounds, shapes, and numbers.
3.  Being in the Army.
4.  Settling down, even though I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY miss partying.
5.  Starting to get creative again and learning new skills.
6.  Winning a scholarship for a 1st place piece in an art show...  Yeah, it was in high school, but it was still one of my best moments.
7.  Landing a really hot husband (haha!) who just happens to be an amazing man.

Well, that's all the lists for this month!  I have to say it was pretty fun and got me to think about some things.  It will be nice to look on these down the road.  Maybe even do them again in a year and see how things have changed.

Today I'm really excited, because the family and I are going to an antique fair not too far from our town!  I'm hoping we score some really awesome stuff.  Either way I'm bringing along the camera and will post about it next week!  Have a good weekend!