Saturday, September 24, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 23 and 24

If I Won the Lottery...
1.  Travel
i want to travel 60s

2.  Take classes that will help with my hobbies.  Sewing, knitting, saxophone, drawing photography, mechanic...
classroom with blackboards

3.  Buy a tenor saxophone.  I used to play in high school and I could have been really awesome if I kept at it!
tenor saxophone

4.  Open my own bar/venue.
irish pub public house bar

5.  Build a library in my house.
in home library

6.  Ikea shopping spree.
ikea shopping spree

7.  Buy a mid-century home.
mid century home

8.  Have an awesome craft room.
cute funky punk craft room

9.  Have an amazing closet that will most likely be an open closet in my craft room.  I love this idea!
open closet in office

10.  Own a 1959 Cadillac DeVille.  My dream car!  They are so amazing!  Wouldn't mind the airstream, either.
1959 cadillac deville and airstream trailer

11.  Buy a ton more English bulldogs.  How could you not love these dogs?!
english bulldog taking a bath with a shower cap

Things I Like to Do When I'm Sick
1.  SLEEP!
2.  Eat chicken noodle soup and drink tea.
3.  Watch cheesy day time TV like Judge Mathis and Cheaters.  Sometimes even Maury.

Doing that list of winning the lottery really makes me hate money!  Only because I don't have a lot.  Makes me so mad that celebrities can get $25 million for making one movie.  What do they do with all that money!  Its insane!  I need to start a charity in my name or something.  Haha.  Or maybe Brad and Angelina will adopt me.  
I never play the lottery because it doesn't seem worth it with the odds.  Plus, the last 3 people who have won the national lottery have been killed!

Sorry, went on a little rant.  Hope everyone's weekend is a good one!  We're stuck in Fayetteville and its rainy.  Sigh.  Can't wait till the weather gets nicer and cooler!  Anyone doing anything fun?