Tuesday, September 20, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 18, 19, & 20

I have been horrible about posting lately.  I'm not going to lie.  I had a bit of a breakdown today. Being attached to a newborn 24/7 is really hard work!  Its tough seeing my husband leave the house for work, go to a show, or play golf, and I have to stay here and still be a mom.  I feel a lot better crying it all out.  Haha, I think I needed that.  Sometimes its nice just to let everything go instead of trying to keep yourself together all the time.  At least it is for me!  The last list, the dream space list, also helped.  I love looking at pictures and day dreaming of what my future woman cave will be like!

A Few Favorite Things
1.  Being at a bar with my friends hanging out or dancing.
2.  Being at a show singing to the songs the band is playing.
3.  Hanging out with my best friend and venting about things that make us mad.
4.  Finishing a project!
5.  Eating out at restaurants.
6.  My camera.
7.  Buying a new book.
8.  New vintage items I pick up.

Inventions I Wish Were Real
1.  Teleportation device.
2.  X-ray goggles.
3.  Hover cars.
4.  Personal jet packs.
5.  Wonkavision.

My Dream Space
I think this list deserves a couple of pictures to go along with it.  That and, like I said, I love looking for this kind of stuff.  I did a similar post like this awhile ago with some pictures I had on Pinterest, but I have many, many more dealing with this subject.  If you've been following a long time, don't worry, I am not using the same ones!  
trailer for woman cave
This trailer is so adorable, and it would be awesome to have my own little space away from EVERYONE out in my backyard!

oraganized craft space
This space is small, organized and has everything that I would need to craft.  I could easily put this in the corner of a room if that's all the space I had.

written on pink wallpaper
I don't know why I love these walls so much.  I think I still have that little kid urge to write all over them.

sequence gold wall
I'm usually not into gold or flashy things, but this accent wall would motivate me to get moving on anything.  How could it not?!  If there was a big window in the room, I'm sure it would brighten up the whole place with all that light reflecting off of it!  Speaking of...

retractable skylights
Sunlight is a natural energy booster for me.  I would love to create in a space that had skylights to let in all the sunshine.

mason jars filled with buttons and ribbon storage

thread on thread holder spools
Looking at thread holders like these make me so jealous.  I know this person didn't go out and buy all of these at once.  They most likely bought them as they needed them for projects.  Can't wait till I have a ton of supplies for the same reason!

pink vanity vintage
Every girl deserves an awesome vanity to get ready with since we take so much time...  And have a ton of supplies that need storing.

retro speakers
I hate the look of most modern speakers.  These retro cabinet ones would go perfect with everything I want in my woman cave!  I NEED music in my work space.

airstream trailer christmas hanging lights
I've seen so many people blogging about Airstream trailers that they have grown on me, too.  I love these hanging Airstream lights.  So cute!

urban outfitters chevron dress form
Secia, from Petite Insanities, did a post about Urban Outfitters the other day.  I completely forgot how many cool things that they carry!  So, I went over to there website to do some browsing and found this amazing dress form!  A regular dress form already adds a lot to a room, but with a zig-zag pattern?  Beautiful!

I did a small makeover last night.  I think it works a lot better.  I also love using a photo I took as a header instead of trying to redraw a drawing I did on paper to one in Photoshop. That took forever and it ended up looking pretty bad!  Hopefully you all like this one better!  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Is everyone keeping up with the lists?  Or are you doing them every couple of days like I have been doing?
Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with "letting it all go?"  How about all you moms out there with 2 kids?  How did you manage them both without going crazy?!  or did you go crazy :)