Wednesday, September 14, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 12 & 13

Things that Motivate Me
1.  80's music.  How could the upbeat sounds of Wham! not get you motivated?!
2.  Blogs and Pinterest.  So many pretty pictures, DIY tutorials, and crafts make me want to create!
3.  Getting something new.  Its horrible, but its true.  If I get new thread, fabric, yarn, I want to use it right away.  Then I get bored.  Sigh.  Working on this!
4.  My daughters and husband.  I want to accomplish things so they will be proud of me.  Or i want to finish projects so they can use/wear them.  Doing stuff for other people is a lot more motivational than doing things for myself.
5.  Money.  Another sad one, but its true!  I'm only going to this medical transcription school so I can earn a little extra money while working from home.
6.  Rewards.  Speaks for itself.
7.  The satisfaction of finishing something.  This has been getting more of a inspirational tool for me.  Since I have actually been finishing projects in recent months I know what that feeling feels like, and its awesome!

Things I Do to Procrastinate
1.  Clean.  This one seems strange.  Let me explain:  If I don't want to do something, say emptying the dishwasher, I'll do other things around the house that aren't as annoying, so I will avoid doing the chore, but feeling a sense of accomplishment at the same time.  Haha.  Or I'm waiting for my husband to eventually do it.
2.  Pinterest/reading blogs.  These are the more fun things I enjoy to procrastinate.
3.  Making lists/planning.  This should probably be a huge number one, but since these are in no particular order, I won't bother.  Planning is the BIGGEST thing I do to procrastinate.  Its the same thing as cleaning.  I'm not actually doing what I need to do, but I'm planning for what I need to do, and in my mind, you can never plan enough.
3.  Watch TV.
4.  Working on other projects besides the one that I should be working on.  When I write all this stuff down, it really doesn't make sense!  I'm putting forth the same amount of energy as I would put out if I were doing whatever task I needed to do.  
5.  Looking at clothes.  Modcloth is the devil.

I find it interesting how blogs/Pinterest are on both lists!