Friday, September 2, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 2

Today's list is all about when you're the happiest.  Its weird.  I never really sat down and thought about this, but I guess this is what these lists are for!

I am happiest when...
1.  my husband and I are spending the night at home drinking together or going to have dinner and movie alone.
2.  my daughter comes up, hugs me, and says "I love you, mommy" for no reason.
3.  I am reading a really good book.
4.  I finish a project and it turns out really well.
5.  I'm out with a bunch of friends at a bar/show and dancing.
6.  my husband and I get some time to go on a mini vacation by ourselves.
7.  a piece of clothing fits PERFECTLY.
8.  I have just finished a really good yoga session (CANNOT WAIT TO START THIS AGAIN!!!).
9.  we go visit my grandmother in northeastern NC.  Everything goes much slower there and all we do is sit around and hang out.  Its really nice to do nothing sometimes!