Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Stitches: Andrea Dezso

sunday stitches

This is possibly the craziest embroidery I have ever seen in my life.  Everything is so intricate and the lines are absolutely perfect.  I want to do pieces like this one day.  It is done by Andrea Dezso from Transylvania.  I couldn't put any other embroideries on here because of the language in the sayings, but you should check out her official website.

andrea dezso
Not only does she do embroideries, but she has pieces in many other mediums.  They give off a dark fantasy type of vibe.  Look at these.  They are amazing!

tunnel book andrea dezso
Tunnel book.

porcelain figurines andrea dezso
Porcelain figures that are actually over 3 ft. tall!

paper cutout andrea dezso
Incredible paper cut out.

installation andrea dezso
Installation piece that is huge!!!  See another perspective here.

drawings andrea dezso
Really wish my journals/drawings looked like this.

If you liked any of this art you should really check out her site.  She does awesome things!