Saturday, July 16, 2011


Go to this website and experiment with guitar chords and even make mini songs!

animals sleeping in the sun
I love animals sleeping in the sun.

Top 10 funniest yearbook pictures and quotes.

Why you should use Epsom salt in your garden.

lsd comic
I actually LOL'd at this.

The 10 Canine Commandments.  I cried at this, and afterwards, went and hung out with my dog for an hour.  Just sat my his couch and pet him and hugged him.

I know I posted a lightening picture last week, but this one was amazing.  The photographer took 70 pictures and merged them all together for this awesome photo!

This is an article about a mom cat who adopts a baby injured squirrel.

Online Jenga.  Its really hard!

doortop stash
Make your own door top secret hiding spot!

This series of pictures is amazing.  Its a wild polar bear versus domestic dogs.

80 best matching tattoos.

jabba the hut snowman
I wish my parents were obsessed with Star Wars so I could have waken up to something like this.

What have you stumbled upon lately?  Anything good?