Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Antiquing In Gibbon, Minnesota

The first place we stopped and visited was Gibbon, Minnesota.  Dan's parents and a couple of his aunts and uncles were staying at his grandparents' house, so we stayed there, also.  We had big dinners, some people played golf, and I went antiquing.  Now, this is a very small town.  I'm talking about 800 people.  Its just a few blocks of houses and a strip downtown surrounded by farm land.  I did not thing I was going to find anything that was worth taking home, but I was wrong.

The first was an antique store downtown.  It was run by a local with a midwest accent out of Fargo.  I love these accents.  Everyone sounds so much more friendly, and it really shows the culture of the area.  It was a pretty large building separated into rooms and packed with so much awesome stuff.

vintage arcade games
heated telephone booth
This is an old heated outdoor phone booth!  Definitely need those in Minnesota!

vintage typewriter
creepy mexican puppet
vintage owl painting

The next day, we took a walk two houses down to an antique store a neighbor operated from his garage.  I thought I was going to walk in and see a garage sale type set-up.  No.  This couple had literally transformed their garage into a store.  It was so amazing, and really inspirational!  A good way to start your own store without leasing a building!

This is my mother-in-law and my daughter walking to the antique store!  Its crazy that I haven't pushed Maggie being a girly girl.  She likes dressing like this!

The entrance.  All those little figures in the cubbie holes on the left are salt and pepper shakers!

I did get a couple of things from these stores, but I'm going to wait until the end of our trip.  I think we'll be going to a couple of more places before we leave!  

Have you ever found anything really awesome in an unexpected place?