Monday, August 15, 2011

Crazy Hello Kitty Stuff

I don't know what it is about Hello Kitty that makes almost every woman in the world turn into a 10-year-old again.  I wouldn't consider myself a huge Hello Kitty fan, but whenever I see something with her face on it, I start "awwwing" and "oh my goding!"  There is something about that incredibly simple and adorable design that melts my heart.  And my daughter will FREAK OUT if she sees Hello Kitty anywhere, and she is only 2.  

I was looking around the internet for something.  I cannot remember what it is at all now, because I got sucked into the world of insane Hello Kitty products and could not stop.  Here's a couple of the crazy things I found.

hello kitty phone booth
These phone booths are so cute!!!

hello kitty m16
I really wish these were an option to get issued in the Army.  Hello Kitty M-16's!  I also found an AK-47 on the same page.

hello kitty chevelle
I don't think I could take any obsession this far to ruin this Chevelle!  Poor car!

hello kitty engine oil
I don't know how cars run without this motor oil.

hello kitty house
I want to build a mini version of this house for my daughter's playhouse.

hello kitty boxers
I do not know anything more emasculating than these boxer briefs.  Haha.

hello kitty braces
I know of at least one cat lady with braces that might appreciate these rubber bands.

I know that there are plenty other crazy hello kitty items out there!  Have you found any lately?