Thursday, April 7, 2011

Felt Food Toys

I have discovered the wonderful world of felt food.  I haven't actually made any, yet, but I am already obsessed with looking at different tutorials and patterns.  There are so many different kinds out there!  Vegetables, fruit, sandwiches, pizzas, and cakes.  You name is there is a pattern for it out there.

I ordered a book called "Big Little Felt Universe" by Jeanette Lim that I have been waiting to arrive at my house, so I can get started on some projects.  I am so excited!  My daughter is 2 years old and really loves playing with her kitchen, but I don't want to get the plastic pieces, because there are so many and they are really noisey.  Plus, they would be a lot more personal if her mommy made them for her! 

There is an abundance of these on the internet.  You can actually find a couple of free tutorials, but I do not think they are as cute and as detailed as this ones in the book.  Here are a couple you might find interesting:

Umecrafts on Etsy (This is the author of Big Little Felt Universe!)

I'm learning that felt is very popular among DIY type parents.  Not only is food being made, but doll houses, doctor sets, tool sets, and books are being made as well.  It is a nice way to give something sentimental to your child that you won't mind them playing with, too!