Friday, April 15, 2011

First Attempt at Sewing

So, it is my daughter's second birthday tomorrow, which I cannot believe.  I finally got "Big Little Felt Universe" in the mail and went the store to get all the supplies I needed for my first project.  I started making a purse for my daughter to try and give it to her tomorrow.  It is definitely not going to work out.

The first step is to sew 4 layers of felt together on two sides.  Like an idiot, I started sewing without pinning anything.  Already learned my first lesson in sewing.  If you don't pin, stuff is going to shift!  So I sewed the whole side and at the end every piece of felt ended up not being lined up and were all fanned out. 

Next, I pinned all the fabric with safety pins and started sewing again.  The first thing I did was not cut enough thread, so I had to tie it off and start with new thread.  I sewed all the way to the end, and the next step was to turn it inside out.  When I did this all the thread I had sewn started coming out!  I cut the thread before I tied it off!  What was I thinking?!  

Now it is two hours later and I am starting from the beginning.  I hope this is not what it is going to be like forever.  I guess I couldn't expect much since I have never sewn in my life.  Not even patches on my jackets.  My husband can do that, and I cannot.  I am a sad individual.  

I have to finish it, though.  I always start projects and never finish them.  I told myself I would use this blog to keep myself in check and from not giving up on things.  So, here I go, back to work!  Hopefully, I'll have some pictures of the finished product soon!  Wish me luck!