Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Score!

pyrex golden harvest
The other day we took a trip to Goodwill because we needed a couple of extra plates, because we always ran out during our dinner parties.  My husband and I picked through everything and I could not believe what I found.  These 3 Pyrex dishes were sitting together stacked and no one had shown any interest at all.  They were at the back of the shelf with a matching butter dish.  I had to get them.  I already had the Golden Harvest butter dish, so I just picked up these bowls.  I now regret not getting the that dish.  I can hear it calling my name.  I should have saved it and given it to a good home!  I am going to start collecting pieces for the vintage adoption agency I am starting.  Cause, honestly, I have treated these Pyrex dishes like they were children.

Edit:  Can't believe I didn't share the price of these!  They were 4 bucks each, so I got the whole set for 12 bucks!