Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Yellow Brick Road Boutique

I love stores that have really cute accessories, adorable little knick knacks, and really obscure books.  My favorite store in Raleigh was called Light Years and every time I went in I always wanted everything.  It was so hard just to go in without spending money.  Well, I'm pretty sure I found the internet equivalent to my favorite store.  Insert store's homepage:
the yellow brick road boutique

I am just going to say now that this store has an awesome selection of sunglasses.  Every pair made me want to scream.  I just bought a pair of sunglasses, granted they were only 4 bucks, but I do not need another pair.  I.  Want.  Another.  Pair.  Look at these!

the yellow brick road boutique rosa sunglasses

As my sunglasses collection will most definitely be growing, so will my collection of coffee table books that never end up on my coffee table.  I have to put them on shelves because I'm too afraid of my daughter messing up the dust jacket.  I'm a little OCD with my books.  Here is one that I must have...  Dan if you are reading this, you can go ahead and add this to my "present idea" list that I made...  Just saying.  

the yellow brick road boutique modern vintage style

Did any of you collect erasers in school?  I did and then some.  For some reason they were the cutest things in the world to me, and after I saw this I think they still are.  Not only does this boutique have a collection of adorable erasers, but they're tiny...  and in a tiny bottle.  You really can't get anymore wonderful than that.

the yellow brick road glass bottle of mini erasers

I would love to own a little store like this one day.  Their merchandise is awesome and the styling of the photos are amazing.  It goes completely well with the vibe of the products.  Everything just clicks.  

If you have never visited the site before, you really should.  You will not be disappointed!

Have you found any awesome stores like this lately?  Link up if you have!