Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vintage Love... And Then Not So Much

Awhile ago I bought a strawberry canister set from GoodWill.  At the time it was the absolute cutest thing I had ever seen in the entire world.  And for 9 bucks, I had to have it.  I bought it, brought it home, and basked in its vintage goodness.  I was so happy that I finally found a set that was me.

The thing is, they aren't me.  Yes, they are really, really adorable, but they do not go with my dream kitchen vision that I am working towards.  I knew this when I bought them!  I pushed that to the back of my mind, and I had to have the canisters.  Its like them being vintage and the awesome price tag were calling me to make the purchase.  "Take us home!  Love us!"  

So, is thrifting and antiquing like a drug?  Do we lose our common sense when picking up items that interest us?  Do we get lost when we start thinking about how awesome they are, even if we don't need them, or even really want them?  I wish they would do a study about this.  It would be interesting to find out.  I'm sure a couple of you out there would be categorized as addicts!  

So, am I the only one that does this?  Finds something that at the moment is the greatest thing, and then after awhile wonder, "why did I buy this again?"  If I'm not, let me know!  And if you have a link, share it!

---Maybe I need to open a vintage shop.  Pass all my awesome finds that aren't really my taste for others to enjoy :)---