Wednesday, May 18, 2011


One of the embarrassing parts about myself is being a little OCD.  I will say after having a child, I have gotten a little better, but there are still some things that really will bother me if it is not my way.  Like the dishwasher.  Even though it has a hundred little prongs to hold whatever you want and any way you want, I have it mapped out it my head that things should be a certain way.  And for some reason, I think it is incredibly strange that my husband doesn't see it the way I do.  There are hundreds of things like this.  The famous which way the toilet paper should hang, DVDs being in alphabetical order inside its correct genre, books in the order in preference I want to read them, plates with the largest on the bottom, button up shirts being separated by brand and color within the brands...  it goes on and on.  The other day I was cleaning up around the house and I discovered this:

children's blocks

My daughter just turned two and did this to her shapes.  I hope this is normal and does not mean she has already picked up some of my OCD.  The other day she was using a piece of cloth to clean my friend's cat.  Not a good sign. 

If you have not seen this movie...  You should.  Ryan Gosling.  Even in this movie he is still gorgeous with a receding hairline and early 90s bifocal glasses.

blue valentine

My husband and I recently found out that we have to move out of our house because the owner's are moving back into town.  This gave me the jump start I needed to start going through clothes that my daughter has grown out of.  I was certain I was having a boy, otherwise, these clothes would still be sitting in the closet.  Anyways, when I pulled them all out.  This is what I find:
children's clothing

These boxes are filled with clothes for my daughter.  How is this possible!  I don't even have this many clothes!  They are so tiny and barely take up any space, yet there are six full boxes.  I guess one good reason for not having a boy is I do not have to go through the agony of taking all of these to a consignment store and staying there until they go through the entire bunch.

Another thing I want to share is my tomato plants.  I am so happy about these!  The picture below shows a shot of them at the end of April, and the next is a picture about 2 1/2 weeks later.  The one in the back has grown about two feet!  Its over the cage now!  I actually don't know what I should do because its starting to fall.

tomato plants

Here's the tomatoes that are starting to grow!  I'm going to need to put those nylons on them soon.  I will be so pissed if a bird or bug gets them this close to picking.

tomato plants

And I'm finally getting a bell pepper!

bell pepper plant

Lastly, I have realized that I use Pinterest all the time, but I NEVER go back and look at what I pin.  I am going to try a new thing this week, and hope it keeps up.  I'm going to try and pick a new recipe every night for dinner.  I started going grocery shopping everyday, because if I do all the weeks' groceries at one time, by the time I'm done at the store, I am incredibly light headed.  I just can't go that long without food or something to drink and standing that long while I'm pregnant.  Pretty sad. 

Next, I try and do a project post every week.  Haha, I have not been very good about it.  But I use Pinterest for project ideas, too.  So I'm going to try and do one project a week.  Let's see how long that keeps up!  I did just go to Joann's and bought a black bandanna and have been wanting to start my own embroidery designs on it, as soon as I finish the project I'm currently working on.  Wish me luck!!!